Women in Science & Technology

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The fields of technology and science make a major cuntribution to modern economies. Yet, although women make up around half of the world's population, statistics show that they are vastly underrepresented in the sciences. Hence we as societies and as economies are not realizing our own human potential.

We recognize that in order to increase the numbers of women working in these fields, we must first increase the percentage of women who choose to study these subjects.

What we’re doing about it?

Over the last five years, Her Way has gone into high schools to run programs that encourage female students to pursue the sciences, and empower those that show an interest in and aptitude for scientific subjects. 


About our programs and workshops

  • Our interactive workshops offer tools that help students choose their majors in school and their direction in life. As well as tools for dealing with the challenges they face both at school and in their private life 

  • The workshops are led by our professional instructors, all of whom have experience in the areas of high-tech, technology, coaching and organizational counseling.  

  • During the workshop students are introduced to successful female role models and go on tours of high-tech and industrial organizations, and universities. 

  • Work with teachers to develop science and technology based activities, as well as ways of exploring the subjects of gender, women and careers with their students.

  • We also work with students at university engineering faculties to strengthen them and give them tools for managing their career, while dealing with the dilemmas typically faced by women in these professions.

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