Government and non government training

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Leading the change in the way society views women from the top, we help organizations change internal processes and train their c-level management to embrace the change. we do this through various courses specifically created for women managers working in government, business and academia.


Our courses include:

  • Career Management and Tenders Submissions – for government offices, government businesses and private businesses (hi-tech and industry

  • Mutual Advancement of Women – A management program that trains women managers to further train and support women who have completed the Career Management course (Above).

  • Mentoring program – A ‘train the trainer’ style course that teaches female managers how to support women in initial management roles.

  • Management skills for women working in initial management – advancing the skills and providing tools for women managers to grow and advance. The course provides a supportive environment with a group of women of the same management level, and facing similar dilemmas

  • Empowerment and branding, using A.C.M - an innovative consulting method for "Dual Branding" - personal and organizational. This method empowers on a focused individual level, and builds a deep connection with the values and aims of the organization.

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