Women-friendly cities

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This pioneering program helps municipalities transform their city into a "women-friendly city", where all residents can equally benefit from the available financial, social and political opportunities.

A "women-friendly city" is one that supports the goal of happy, safe, healthy and wealthy women; where local government takes into account women's issues and perspectives in their planning and decision-making processes; and where women are supported and encouraged to participate in all areas of urban life on an equal basis with men.

Municipalities wishing to create a ‘women friendly city’ will

  1. View their surroundings through gender "spectacles" to identify the areas in which women's needs are different to those of men, and responds to those needs.

  2. View their city from a female perspective, and integrate this view with the male perspective to gain a richer, fuller insight into life in and the running of the city.

  3. Enable the full realization of their human potential by being attentive to women and listening to women in a respectful, sharing and equitable manner.


What we do to help?

Her Way helps municipalities and city councils to make meaningful improvements in both the quality of life and economic growth of women in their city, by securing a higher level of female involvement in activities and decision making and ensuring that women contribute to all economic and social areas.

Engaging local community

A critical part of this process is to engage the local community - both women and men – and tap into their personal experiences and insights, through large group meetings and online platforms.  This allows us to make a better assessment of the community's needs, develop feasible strategies and encourage people to volunteer to be a part of the effort to bring about change. 

How a city can enhance the life experience of its female residents:

  1. Physical security measures – is there sufficient street lightning?

  2. Personal security – is it safe to walk alone at night anywhere in the city?

  3. Psychological safety - does our language show our respect for women? Are our local authorities and local police sensitive to the needs of women? 

  4. Physical comfort – do we offer local health centers, shopping centers and quality of life centers?

  5. Education for children – is there sufficient availability of day care facilities, preschools and schools? Are we educating at all levels about equality and respect for the differences between genders, as part of the school program?

  6. Education for women – is there an option for women to complete their education? Do we encourage women to go out to work?

  7. Equal opportunities - is the municipality committed to promoting equal opportunities in the public and private sector, and equal pay for equal work?

  8. Support for women entrepreneurs – what guides, discounts and benefits can we offer to support female entrepreneurs?

  9. Appreciation and respect for women activists in the city – do our street names reflect the contributions made by women to our city's history?

  10. Parallel female management of the city – to give a female viewpoint on city regulations, Mayor and city council decisions.


To learn more or discuss how we can make a change in your organization